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Quality control

 1. Yarn Production Line
   Checking by tensile strength apparatus if it meet standard of 4G(weight)/D (denier) +/- 0.5

2. Fabric Production Line
   The weaving machine is automatically stopped when the yarn has not proper thickness
   Quality of Warp and weft of yarn are checked continuously by our staff  who is controlling 2 or 3 weaving machine
   Checking moisture in fabric to meet standard rate.
   Length of hem in fabric to meet standard
   R.P.M of water jet motor for controlling proper speed according to the mesh
3. Coating Line
    Checking the weight of fabric before coating and after finishing the lamination per one
    Checking adhesive property three times per 1 roll
    Checking if the color keeps stable quality every 10 minute
4. Finishing Line
    Throughout the production process, product samples will be removed and inspected by our quality Control team.
    Any items that are not shipment worthy will be removed from the final packing and shipment processes.

Quality control

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