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Insect Netting

Insect Netting

   Insect netting is a protective barrier mesh usually made of woven poly and UV treated with 3-5 years service life. It is meant to exclude pests from valuable market crops, trees, and flowers. Pests can cause direct damage to the leaves and the fruits of crops, cause disease, and lead to lower yields.

In addition, it isolates the insects and creates a clean and quiet plant growth environment. Greatly reduce the use of chemical pesticides, so that the vegetable planting quality is good, healthy and more in line with the norms of green things. Because people are more and more aware of the serious damage caused by toxic pesticides to the environment and public health when the public generally pays more attention to the environment. This requires an alternative solution to protect crops from pests. Physical defense measures - insect prevention net can meet this demand well. The net can prevent pests and insects from entering the crop environment and largely replace the role of pesticides.

Insect netting is designed to keep out pests, while still allowing for proper airflow and water permeability through the small mesh openings. The netting provides protection from insects, deer and rodents, and damage from excessive weather like hail.

The mesh size varies between brands and is typically chosen depending on the insect that you wish to exclude or what pests are common in your area. Mesh is measured by the number of holes in one linear inch of the netting. A common size used for row crops is between 30 and 60 mesh,other size from 10-100 mesh are available.


Applications of Insect Netting:

• Widely used in greenhouse construction

•Being an effective protection against insects like white fly,aphids, etc.

•Used in farm,for frogs,locust etc.

•Resistance to strong winds,rain, hail, and frost damage

•Helping reduce the use of phytosanitary products against insects/plagues

•Allowing maximum ventilation in hot seasons.

Raw material
100% new HDPE and anti-uv
10-100 mesh

1m,1.5m,2m,2.5m,5m or as required

As per required

White,green, black or as required

Using Life
3----5years,under normal weather conditions
Delivery time
within 10 days after getting the deposit
Terms of Payment

T/T,L/C or negotiated

The inner is paper tube,the outside is pe plastic bag              

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